Nancy Talbott: Still trading on past “glories”

Nancy Talbott. One of those names bandied about by many during the heyday of the 1990’s crop circle scene. Combined with John Burke and William Levengood, they formed the BLT Research Team. BLT claimed to deal in crop circle “science”, but very soon the whole story started to unravel and BLT just seems to be a dumping ground for reports of self-proclaimed (and thoroughly discredited) medium Robbert van den Broeke.

Despite their claims (and I won’t trawl through the whole sordid saga) William Levengood never held a PhD or was entitled to use the title “Dr.”. This was originally highlighted by Kevin Randle and Matt Williams, although William Levengood pretty much ‘fessed up in a book he co-authored prior to his death. More about this can be found here.

Nancy still trades heavily on the alleged science she claims was used to indicate if a crop circle was genuine. Now many obvious things jump to mind when dealing with that claim. However, ultimately, this science was kicked into touch when a known man-made crop circle was tested by BLT was deemed by the hallowed halls of BLT science as “genuine”. This is superbly documented by this page on Colin Andrews website:

Sadly, in this recent discussion with Alex Tsakiris, she still bangs-on as if that crop circle “science” was beyond reproach. This discussion can be found here

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