Crop Circles 2016: What You Might Have Missed #16


Well the season has started, with the above formation appearing at Hill Barn, nr East Kennet in Wiltshire. As usual, a wide range of photo’s can be found here

This video is so random, but entertaining in it’s own way. Welsh businessmen tackle circlemaking…

“Why won’t Nano Man Chris H. Cooper reveal details of the crop circle he and six others saw form?” – is a question Colin Andrews (with additional reporting from Dave Haith) is grappling with in this interesting article. Chris claims he and six others witnessed the forming of a crop circle right before their very eyes. Obviously, such a bold claim has raised some obvious questions, which Colin has posted as an open invitation to Chris to respond. The validity of this claim would also influence the other fantastic claims Chris is currently making. The article can be found here.

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