Crop Circles 2016: What You Might Have Missed #18

As I previously predicted, Robbert van den Broeke has had to up the ante to keep himself in everyone’s crosshair, I mean keep himself relevant, by releasing a video which is claimed to show a ball of light create a small crop circle. It’s pretty pathetic and very obviously faked (as you can see below), but I look forward to the squid-like aliens arriving to put us out of our misery and show how a large crop circle is created, perfectly in time for Robbert to video it, and deliver more of their limbs for a nice calimari recipe.

The Mothership formation has got a lot of people very excited, and this page has a nice 3d model which you can rotate etc

What has been equally fantastic is how some webpages don’t want to mention what Mothership promote (bongs etc). Temporary Temples state that Mothership make “hand blown glass” products. Which is technically correct, as I guess no-one wants to state that Mothership make drugs paraphernalia and the aliens are helping to promote it.

Colin Andrews has been savaged for daring to suggest that this formation could be just a marketing ploy. At least he did some research. At least he asked some questions. So, while Colin is clearing out his inbox of the “you are a CIA informant” messages, let’s have another look at the wonder that is the Mothership formation with this wonderful drone footage.

Way back in the crop circle day, there was a guy called George Vernon, who not only claimed he had created some of the most well-known crop circles but also claimed he was abducted by the occupants of a Black triangular craft. Unfortunately, George (who also claimed his name was Merlin) has got himself in a spot of bother and is now doing time for racially abusing his neighbour.

The following web-page highlights some of the craziness that followed Merlin around, or he instigated himself, or whatever… The whole page gives a timely reminder how crazy the crop-circle scene was in the 1990s. The original article appeared in UFO Reality Magazine.


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