Crop Circles 2017: Time To Think Again


“It’s too complex. No humans could have made that”. Blahblahblah. The obviously talented guys at Mazescape have produced this wonderful piece of work using good old rope and boards and a variety of other techniques. The Japanese script is really well done, which must surely make the “researchers” think again about the Antsy formation. I doubt it will, but you have to live in hope.

The full story and video can be found here

One thought on “Crop Circles 2017: Time To Think Again

  1. Looking at the logistical support staff and time and money required to execute this project, it comes as no surprise that a good result was achieved by modern man. Many well staffed specialist companies could have achieved similar results. However it just makes it all the more convincing that most if not all of the more complex crop print designs seen in the UK in latter years are not made by humans using currently widely available technology, bearing in mind their complexity, nuances and the time-frames in which they materialise.

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