Crop Circles 2017: What You Might Have Missed #19


Despite the season being a few months away, there is still plenty of interesting crop circle content out there.

Crop Circle Nirvana has a really good retrospective of what they consider to be the best of last seasons circles (here). But the site is worth visiting for the wealth of older material ranging from old interviews, documentaries and the like.

The Croppie also has a nice section dedicated to “The Golden Age” of crop circles, it was also nice to see a recent brief interview with Busty Taylor, someone who has a vast wealth of interesting crop circle anecdotes and sadly he doesn’t seem to get the opportunities to discuss them with a wider audience.

 The Antsy formation is still provoking arguments over its origins – commissioned artwork or message from bong-using aliens. This commissioned piece of work for Audi, which isn’t exactly news but worth re-visiting, is quite nice and gives an insight to what can be achieved with a little skill and planning. The full story can be found here.


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