Crop Circles 2017: What You Might Have Missed #20

In all honesty, I was caught a bit off guard this year, hence some late postings. However, the media has been all over the start of the crop circle phenomena with it’s usual gusto to fill some column inches…

Jon Austin writes for the Express and is their go-to man for some outlandish articles on the world of UFOs and Crop Circles. Here, Jon does some excellent churnalism, and explains that Scot Waring is claiming that crop circles are in fact messages from future humans as well as messages from aliens, thereby proving time travel is invented at some point in the future. The full story can be found here.

The Cherhill formation coincided with a bit of sunny spell within the British weather, so it wasn’t a huge leap to see The Sun claim that the design of the formation was in fact inspired by a thermometer. Read all about it, here.

However, rival red-top The Star, claimed the Cherhill formation actually predicted the surprise general election in the UK. In the same article, an “expert” also claims the formation represents the relationship between the UK and the EU in the midst of the Brexit scenario. Such complex messages can be read about here.

Jon Austin has obviously hit a rich vein of copy with his continuation of quoting Scott Waring. Scott informs us that the formation at Tarlton Down was made by UFOs analysing the crop. So now you know. The full story can be found here

Horace Drew crops up to explain to the to explain his views on crop circles

The Australian has a tongue-in-cheek piece on the lure of ancient landscapes and crop circles.

Jon Austin is back on the case with his report on the strange markings in Argentina, here

So there it is, all the news that’s fit to print…

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