Patty Greer: Back with the begging bowl.

dollar bill.jpg

“You call that begging? Oh, Kitten, you can do better than that…” – Jeanie Frost, Home for the Holidays

I know, I know, I should just let it go but sometimes it just gets so ridiculous that something has to be said. So, Patty Greer is back rattling her begging bowl for more funds. I have no real issue with crowdfunding your particular venture, whatever it is, but sometimes its just begging with no real, discernible and meaningful outcome other than lining someone’s pocket.

So Patty Greer is asking for $30,000 via indiegogo with the punchline “8 amazing UFO films + 8 awards offer advanced technology to bring our food supply back quickly!”.

Wow! Advanced technology to bring our food supply back quickly! Ok, sounds interesting but when you get down a little further, what you’re actually funding is: “Initially the funding will promote Patty Greer Films worldwide, featuring the important work of the great scientist William Levengood whose research was suppressed for decades. The data is far too important for humanity to ignore any longer and the suppression I’ve tolerated for years has been stunning! Clearly this science is VERY REAL!!” 

So, you are not funding advanced technology, you are funding the promotion of Patty’s films. Now, Levengood’s research was never suppressed, it’s all out there on the internet. The science isn’t real, because it was never blind or double blind tested. Also the protocol’s that Levengood claimed could test for a genuine crop circle were fooled on several occasions, as highlighted here. Levengood, part of the BLT team, lied about his qualifications, as detailed here. So, this isn’t exactly the tech revolution in seed production that Patty is panhandling for.

If Patty wants to ensure a better food supply chain, improve food security and have a farming revolution, promoting her films is certainly not the way to go about it. Currently, she has raised $760, which is 3% of her target. I don’t honestly think there is $30,000 to raise in the crop circle world. This is another crowdfunding campaign by a crop circle researcher that will fall very short of the mark. I think someone should explain to  some of these researchers the law of diminishing returns.

Patty has famously continued hawking the Oliver’s Castle footage claiming not only that it is genuine (it isn’t, that was certainly proved) and that it contains evidence of communication between the orbs (it doesn’t). So I find it difficult to accept that Patty has any skills in discerning between the truth and fantasy. Patty has a series on crop circle “science” on youtube which is full of old crop circle nonsense masquerading as “science”. So if Patty can find the time to pontificate on youtube, surely she doesn’t need $30,000 to promote the alleged hi-tech revolution in farming via her films?

Nothing in the world of crop circles is ever that simple or without a price-tag.


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