Crop Circles 2017: What You Might Have Missed #21


With a lull in the circles, the evenings drawing in, the combine harvester revving-up. it’s a good time to round-up all those errant links you might have missed…

Crop Circle Coloring Book – Scott Onstott - Google Chrome_2017-08-18_10-54-49

With the re-emergence of colouring books as a legitimate pass-time it was only a matter of time before a crop circle colouring book appeared. Over on Scott Onstott’s website, you can download a free crop circle colouring book for your leisure and pleasure.

A “1950s style” UFO was photographed over a crop circle by researcher Pierre Beake, as reported by Jon Austin of the Daily Express. Piere also caught a picture of a mysterious figure “stalking” researchers in a crop circle. Both stories are below.


However, it’s not all mysteries and magic over at Farmers Weekly. The appearance of a crop circle on the land of Mr and Mrs Klindt has caused them alot of stress, it seems. With words such as “scam” and “loonies” being bandied about in the article, I’m sensing they haven’t been that happy with the arrival of the formation. It’s worth reading as it does highlight some of the tensions that can arise when a crop circle appears on your land.

The story is slightly advanced in the Farmers Guardian with the farmer now charging £2 to visit the circle to cover the costs of the damaged crop.

Earlier in the month, the local Police had urged people to report the creation of crop circles to the appropriate authorities, handily reminding us that it is criminal damage after all. Of course, this is a slightly mixed message considering a few years ago the rural police team were photographed, all smiles and chumminess, at the annual crop circle exhibition.

All the news that’s fit to print, in poison pen and tabloid ink…

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