Crop Circles 2017: Suzanne Taylor – What Could Have Been…


Suzanne Taylor (remember her?) has sent out a thinly disguised promotional email to encourage you not only to watch her film ‘What on Earth?’, but Sue also wants to briefly muse about crop circles. Or in reality encourage you to watch her film and recycle a piece she wrote last year. No new thinking on crop circles this year.

Sue starts by claiming her fundamental passion for crop circles is their potential to change mass consciousness. How this occurs via crop circles is never really answered in an honest way as Sue cannot bring herself to even consider the humans who make crop circles. Sue is never going to concede that human circle-makers are in reality effecting mass-consciousness. (Remember: aliens – good, people – bad) She also muses why we can’t as a species move beyond greed and materialism, which I find (maybe cynically) a little curious considering Sue sells her film profiting off the artwork of others (other humans) and can’t even bring herself to acknowledge their contribution.

Sue cries out that if only we knew we were being visited by another intelligence, it would right all the wrongs in the world. However, are crop circles really evidence of that other intelligence contacting us? It depends who you ask and I think the answer is more complex and strange than we can imagine. It’s not going to be as simple as aliens sending messages via crop circles. But after many decades of the alleged alien messages, the mass-consciousness switch still hasn’t been triggered. What Suzanne is really saying is: believe me and my vision. Oh, and watch my film. Only $2.

Suzanne believes that mass-awareness of crop circles would lead humanity in becoming a co-operative world, which is a lovely idea but hopelessly naive.  Suzanne is tapping into the pseudo-Christian space brother belief that human salvation will come from the sky in the shape of aliens and spaceships and amazing technology. Later in the email Suzanne really gets to nub of what is nibbling her corn…

Suzanne states that: “It was very exciting in the early years when we were enthralled by the mystery, and what happened was that humankind, exercising its penchant for meaning-making, developed a mythology rich in detail about the many aspects of what was showing up. Imaginative people teased out intricate messages and saw into presumable intentions, weaving everything in a web of enthusiasm that people who were paying attention were swept into. Glorious, delightful, intriguing possibilities were speculated about so charmingly that there was a passionate buy-in to a new reality.” I know, I (and many others) were there. But as some truths emerged about crop circles, some saw that as a negative thing but others saw an even greater mystery behind the revelations of just who or what was making crop circles.

When you start to delve into crop circles, all manner of weird and wonderful things start to come to light. People can get all moist-eyed for a new reality, a new dawning, a new humanity but how such a design of flattened crop delivers that ideal is never mentioned or really explored, by Suzanne or others. We currently see that with Patty Greer panhandling for $30,000 not to create the new technology she alludes to, but just to promote her films.

Suzanne highlights the ugliness within the crop circle world. But, Suzanne, this is what humans do. We fall out, we have differing views, it’s common in every walk of life. Also, just because you have a set of beliefs around crop circles, don’t assume that everyone will gladly follow your ideas, there will be some push-back. Suzanne calls the hoaxers (her word, not mine) “Terrorists”, Suzanne blames the grasping suppliers of books and photographs (Irony!) and in Suzanne’s eyes it’s “too far gone to be revived“. Suzanne thinks it’s all over now, and sadly proclaims “In a pearls-before-swine reality where they have not been appreciated for their awesomeness, I think they have left again.” In reality Suzanne is saying, she’s had her fun, now it’s all over, move along as there’s nothing for you here.

The trouble with Suzanne’s view of all this is that she forgets crop circles can be such a personal experience. No matter how nasty the internet bitching gets, no matter who is selling what circle related trinkets,  there are plenty of people out there in the fields having a wonderful time and having a personal experience. Which is what all art strives for. I honestly don’t think that most people who visit crop circle get sucked into the circular discussions held online. They’re usually out there walking and talking in crop circles, which is one aspect of the phenomena’s appeal.

Suzanne totally misses the more intriguing point that many of the “terrorists” make amazing art which goes on to impact on people’s lives profoundly. Many people’s lives have been changed simply by a walk through a crop circle. Surely this is how crop circles impact on people’s consciousness rather than some global diktat. The problems occur when researchers start inflicting their views on other people and not allowing other possibilities to exist. Colin Andrews is probably one of the few researchers who have explored the human element connected with crop circles, and if Suzanne stopped staring at the sky for a moment she might see one of the greater mysteries of why people get motivated and make the human effort to create these life changing pieces of art. Not only that, but the strange experiences they have creating that art.

Anyway, in the email Suzanne continues to stare at the bottom of her metaphorical empty pint glass, swirls around the dregs of that flat pint, sighs and says “Humanity has advanced in major leaps by overcoming catastrophes. But, by our shared excitation and by a humility we would have experienced as we engaged with a higher order of reality than the rapacious one we are in, the circles offered a gentler way. What I do now is pray for something else to come along that is so beautiful and so inspirational that it captures our fancy to lift us out of a deadening sadness of egos and superficiality before something so horrible happens that progress comes from having to reconfigure our world — or, worse, where our capacity for destruction leads us into an abyss from which we cannot emerge.” Taxi for Buzz Killington!

Suzanne reminds us her crop circle talks will now be softly lit strolls down memory lane, where people can sit with their pipe and slippers and muse of how it used to be. Before terrorists and money-grabbers. Y’know, the good old days. However, Suzanne reminds us that for us to remember how it used to be, we can spend $2 watching her film where she believes the space brothers will come and save humanity via some flattened crop. The reality is, and will always be, the world won’t change itself and it falls to everyone as individuals to help in that process of change.

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