Crop Circles 2017: Patty Greer and crop circle “science” #1

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As we can see from the screenshot below, Patty has failed to generate $30,000 to promote her films. Despite attempting to sell her fundraising under the banner of “new technology”, the reality once you read the full spiel, was that all this money would go to promote her films. This is just another in a line of failed crop circle related crowdfunding campaign.

Technology Creating SUPER SEEDS in Crop Circles Indiegogo - Google Chrome_2017-10-01_13-20-34

So, in the run-up to Patty Greer’s failed cash-grab for $30,000 to promote her films and not create super-seed technology, Patty posted some videos on Youtube all around the science of crop circles. Now, science within the parameters of the paranormal usually gets a little dubious, so sit back and I will run through these videos for you. I watched them, so you don’t have to… (and I did skip on occasionally as it was painful to watch)

Episode #1

So straight off the bat, Patty claims to be sitting on a huge pile of hidden crop circle information that is crucial in these dark and dangerous times. And Patty thinks you need to know this. Patty claims that the seeds within crop circles are likely to grow 30 to 400% more food and biofuels PER SEED! So, let’s just stop and think about that. One seed is likely to grow up to 400% more food and biofuel than a regular seed. Not only that, the nutrition in each crop circle plant has 75% more nutrition than normal seeds. Apparently, this has been repeated under scientific conditions, and it’s shame Patty doesn’t think to provide some evidence or maybe a link to a scientific paper so we can read about this modern-day miracle. This is probably because she is talking nonsense.

Patty is of course talking about the research of Penny Kelly and Mr W. C. Levengood. Now, visitors to this blog will know all about Mr Levengood and his fictitious PhD and his dubious claim to the title of “Dr”. So we’re probably not off to the greatest of starts. Patty explains that the dynamic research duo worked through the 1990s up until Levengood’s death researching crop circles.  What Patty fails to mention, apart from the fictious Ph.D and dodgy doctorate, is that the protocols Levengood had for proving whether a crop circles was real were fooled on several occasions. Patty also fails to mention that none of Levengood’s work was ever tested under a double-blind study, which is pretty much the gold-standard of science investigation. So the science behind these magic seeds is pretty weak.

(This link will take you to a brief synopsis of Levengoods alleged credentials)

So the reason that Patty is doing these videos is to provide “solutions”. Patty thinks that the solution to the world’s food problems is these magic seeds. Now, a quicker solution would be to tackle the amount of food waste in the world or to improve farming techniques or access to land, because the reality is there is enough food to feed everyone, it’s just not managed effectively. So I’ll do what Patty won’t, I’ll provide some science courtesy of Oxfam who know a thing or two about famine. According to Oxfam, the planet grows 17% more food per person than it did 30 years ago and there is enough food to feed the world Sorry, Patty, you’re talking nonsense. So we’re 3 minutes into Patty’s world of crazy crop circle science and already her argument is invalid.

Patty now goes on to claim that these “plasma vortices” are creating super-seeds. Of course, she skips off this little sound-bite quite quickly as she has no evidence of this, no explanation of it and goes onto a little conspiratorial rant about the “low-energy media” stopping this information getting out. So raise your vibration a little and watch Patty lie to you about what’s wrong with the food situation.

Patty then drones on about inner-discernment, waking-up and not following false prophets. As you can see, we’re really light on the actual science here. Patty just wants you to listen to her and those like her. Then Patty moans about “stories that aren’t true”. Foot meets and disappears into mouth often in this video. Then the waffling continues about millennials being dragged into cults and we’re only 7 minutes in. This goes on for another 20 minutes yet!

So after this arc of nothingness, Patty gets back to Levengood and the “exploded nodes”. Now Patty fails to mention that exploded nodes aren’t unique to crop circles. It means nothing. Just like bent crops are no more than phototropism. Patty continues in her patronising fashion to give the viewers more bunkum under the guise of “suppressed science”. Patty then claims that none of these bio-physical changes would happen if circles were made by people with boards and ropes. No evidence of this is provided and it is plainly a false statement. Patty claims that it is pretty self-evidence when you’re in a human-made crop circle, yet Levengood’s scientific protocols were fooled on several occasions, so maybe it’s not as self-evidence as Patty claims. Plus Patty believes the Oliver’s Castle formation was made by orbs/UFOs despite all the evidence to the contrary. But of course, Patty won’t enter the debate on that one.

Then the rambling goes onto speakers within the UFO/Crop Circle circuit being mind-controlled and you just wonder when the science is going to happen? There is no science here. It’s just Patty ruminating and reminding you to watch some films at her website. At 20 minutes in, Patty claims to have lots to tell us about what we want to know about crop circles, but based on this, it’s just more waffle, little actual content and wild speculation with zero science. No “solution” has been presented here but you are free to give her money to continue this “crucial work” via renting her films.

The comments on this Youtube video are all really positive and Patty is thanked. Thanked for what? Thanked for repeating a bunch of stories that have no value, no science and just continue to make a mockery of anything resembling truth. In the video, Patty wonders why no-one takes crop circles seriously. This, Patty, this video is why.

Here’s the video so you can judge for yourself

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