Crop Circles 2018: Circular Stories #1

In the lull between formations, there are some other items of business to look at. This month has seen a few crop circles outside of the UK. This simple but intriguing formation was discovered near Uster, in Switzerland.


Further information and images can be found on the Crop Circle Connector.

This formation was discovered at Sarraltroff, near Goerlingen, in France. As usual, images and information courtesy of the Crop Circle Connector.


This nice design was discovered at Baggwilgraben, nr Bern, Switzerland. More images over the Crop Circle Connector


Over at The Croppie, the golden era of the crop circle phenomena is re-visited with this evocative article. Ah, those were the days…

Now, a few years ago, Robbert van den Broeke claimed to have met aliens who deposited some spare body parts they just happened to have lying around, to prove their existence. Now I would have thought some photographs or credible video would have sufficed, but no, apparently body parts are the way to go for credibility purposes. Now these alien limbs looked uncannily like octopus limbs. So uncannily like octopus limbs, I have no reason to doubt they were anything but octopus limbs. So, finally, these artifacts of an alien encounter have allegedly been brought to the London Natural History Museum for analysis (despite languishing in someones deep-freeze for virtually three years) .

However, since the limbs were deposited, it’s all gone a bit quiet. So while seafood restaurants wait with baited breath (no pun intended), we’ll just have to contact the museum for the facts. As per tradition, here is a great recipe for calamari.

In the meantime, the same old scruffy circles keep appearing close to Robbert’s house. So expect some irate farmer to put another window through with a house-brick. I would pull all this apart further, but I can’t be bothered to deal with the ‘mystery hacker‘ and my inbox. (There’s even talk of a Robbert-based soap opera/reality show, but we’ll come to that another time)

Penis shaped crop circles are nothing new, but this huge appendage was scratched into a lake bed in Australia. Fair play, and all without ropes, boards, surveyors tape etc etc etc


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