Crop Circles 2018: Octopus Tentacles

So, the long saga over the alleged alien body parts is pretty much at a close. So, to re-cap for those not paying attention at the back: Robbert van den Broeke meets aliens who dump some body parts in some attempt to prove their existence (because the White House lawn is so passé). Body parts kept in freezer for years, until the  Natural History Museum in London perform analysis.

Below is a screenshot of the letter from the Natural History Museum. They judge them to be Octopus tentacles, simple as that. Now I suspect this will get spun in some way involving conspiracy, mis-information etc but that is the nature of the game. And it is all a game.


Obviously, some people will still believe it is alien body parts, but that’s their business. In lieu of the traditional calamari recipe, I’ll leave The Lunachicks have the last word with “Octopussy”, off their marvelous “Babysitters on Acid” album.


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