Crop Circles 2018: Circular Stories #2

The Golden Era of crop circles is something that The Croppie website has some excellent articles on. Firstly is this interesting interview with what may be considered the first crop circle investigator, Ian Mrzyglod. Sometimes it’s easy to forget where the modern iteration of the phenomena started, so The Croppie has an informative piece on the Westbury Crop Circles, way back in 1980. Was it pranksters? Tornadoes? The return of the Warminster Thing?

A nicely constructed crop circle has been used to ensnare a woman into marriage… awww, bless!

The UK actually had a summer for a change, and the consequences of this constant heat has been that previously undiscovered ancient sites such as burial mounds, settlements, and henges have been revealed. Sadly, despite all these new discoveries (over 700 in total) not all will be investigated. Once the moisture returns to the ground, most will disappear back into obscurity until the next prolonged hot spell. The reason I mentioned this (apart from the wonderful fact itself) is that many years ago it was claimed that the 1945 pictorial overlay for Google Earth revealed crop circles (see posting here). In reality they were crop marks, similar to what we are seeing today.


Enemy of science and purveyor of quackery Patty Greer is getting sued by Gaia TV tin relation to comments made by Patty and attempts by Gaia to recover their initial advance to Patty in return to show her films, which they claim massively under-performed and they never recouped their initial advance. The original posting is here, but it’s not just Gaia who have felt the ire of Patty as she has made many, many wild claims in the past. The following screenshot shows her outpourings about those who she claims are part of a conspiracy to relegate the world of crop circles to nothing more than a footnote in history.


And of course if you want to see the nonsense she has recently been trying to sell, our post on Patty’s “science of crop circles” might give you a taste. Click here.

So until the next circle appears or someone else gets themselves sued…

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