Ansty Crop Circle Mystery Solved



One of the most breathtaking crop circles has (surprise, surprise!) been discovered to have been man-made. Despite depicting the Mothership logo (Mothership make glass bongs) many believed the complexity of the circle was beyond mere mortals. But as shown in the video below it was created by circlemaker Dene Hine and the video produced by Matthew Williams. Hats off to the creators for a spectacular piece of work.

So all the researchers who stated it was the real deal can now step forward and apologise for getting it wrong, then they can look at their research methods and consider that maybe they need to broaden their horizons in terms of just what is possible in the construction of complex crop circles.

3 thoughts on “Ansty Crop Circle Mystery Solved

  1. Hey, I wish we could have seen you making the whole circle not just the outline. How did you make the intricate patterns inside the circle.?

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