Interactions #1


It’s quite easy for some people to get solely focused on who made what formation, what does that crop circle mean, and all the associated questions that come with every crop circle season. Quite often, people’s personal experiences with crop circles get ignored or minimised by others, but the power of those experiences can be life-changing for the individual. Quite often, these experiences often point to wider contexts of the crop circle phenomena and the paranormal experiences that seem to be attracted to, or are on the fringes of the phenomena.

I first met Dominika in the mid-1990s. She had felt a strong call to come to the UK and visit the crop circles, as many had done in that time. As with many other spiritual tourists, she had many intense spiritual experiences, including this curious experience at Silbury Hill.

Dominika K picks up the story…

“I first started coming to the United Kingdom in the mid-1990s, and it was purely to experience the crop circles I had been seeing on TV. They fascinated me so much and I felt I just needed to be there. I soon fell in love with the Wiltshire countryside and the many sacred sites that the crop circles seemed to gravitate to. Avebury and Silbury Hill were my personal favourites, mainly due to their accessibility and my many experiences there.

Silbury Hill fascinated me immensely. I loved the power it gives off. The sheer mass of it feels so powerful. Something that size almost seemed to have its own gravity! I couldn’t keep away! I would visit it every day I could when in England. I visited England most years and after a gap of a few years in the early 2000’s I came back with more of a desire to explore the sacred sites. Almost every bump in the landscape seemed to be of some significance. But Silbury kept calling to me.

Early one morning, in summer 2009, I left my lodgings and drove to Silbury Hill. I walked into the field nearby and sat with my back to the animal water trough. I started to meditate. I am a really keen meditator and practice daily. I slowly closed my eyes and listened to the birds and felt the soft wind against my face. After a short while I had the feeling there was someone watching me. As I opened my eyes I almost expected to see someone staring at me, maybe another tourist or the farmer, but there was no-one. I closed my eyes again and started to meditate. Again I felt as if I was being watched but I also detected a faint vibration in the air around me. As I slowly opened my eyes, at the base of Silbury Hill I could make out a figure. It was shaped like a human, but it looked like a shadow. It was almost see-through, it wasn’t solid. As I watched it looked like it was joined by another shadow figure. The second figure almost materialised from nothing, as if it was manifesting from somewhere else. It turned as if it was facing me, and I sensed it ‘saw’ me. Time seemed to stand still, what was probably a few seconds seemed like minutes. Then, as if it was bored watching me, it turned back to the Hill and walked into the hill, and disappeared or dissipated. The first figure was still standing there before it started to walk across the field, dissolving as it walked.

I tried to make sense of what I had seen, but I couldn’t make a rational decision on what I had seen. I stood up and walked back to the car park, and sat in my car for a while. About five minutes later a small army-looking helicopter arrived and hovered over the Hill for about a minute. It left but returned a few minutes later, and again hovered quite close to the top for a minute or two. I can’t imagine what they were looking for. I know the army trains in that area, so who can say? It was probably nothing or a coincidence. It just seemed strange behaviour.

Later that night, when I was driving toward Marlborough, I saw a ball of light in the same field. It was about a metre across, and was a soft, white colour and hovered a few feet from the ground. As I drove past the hill, I lost sight of it.

These things seem to happen very often in this part of the world, I have heard a lot of stories similar to this from lots of people that I have met who have travelled to the area, all wanting to experience something amazing.”

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