Crop Circles 2019: Patty Greer and Gaia settle out of court


Patty Greer found herself on the receiving end of a million dollar lawsuit, courtesy of Gaia TV. The background to the case can be found here

Greer has backtracked on her original claims that Gaia was a hotbed of satanists and reptillians, and claims she was just repeating “what she heard” and now wonders if she was “set-up”. Which should be a good lesson for any researcher not to repeat stories without checking them out first. Of course, Gaia weren’t the only people Patty was slagging off and making wild accusations about, but let’s let sleeping dogs lie. So Patty has apologised and removed all negative comments about Gaia.

The full story (well the full story presented to the world) can be found here.

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