crop circles 2022: Some articles

The New York Times (NYT) decided to run a piece about crop circles recently, with the desitinctly sceptical heading of: “Crop Circles Were Made by Supernatural Forces. Named Doug and Dave”. Obviously, the story of crop circles isn’t that straightforward but you can’t expect nuance in the NYT or the world of crop circles, for that matter. The article, in reality, is a puff-piece for “The Perfect Golden Circle”, a novel by Benjamin Myers. It is refreshing to see that the subject is still running around the same circular arguments. The article did take me back to the heady days of the 1990s, when the mystery was in full swing. The article can be found here and you can create a free account to access the article.

Despite quite a quiet season so far, it seems people are thinking back to crop circle seasons of old as this article from Daniel Pinchbeck highlighted. Daniel decides to ask the eternal question: Do Crop Circles Matter? (Personally, I found Daniel’s take on crop circles in his 2012 bestseller “2012: The Return of Quetzelcoatl” pretty awful). Daniel ends the piece by stating that “If the patterns are not all man-made, then we are dealing with some kind of contact experience, some form of communion, with another level or expression of consciousness that is seeking to communicate with humanity — in a wonderfully gentle and playful way. If the phenomenon is in some way a contact experience, then, rather then a subject of ridicule and dismissal, it is one of the most important phenomena we need to explore, particularly at a time when we seem, as a species, unable to interrupt the intensifying processes of ecological and social destruction we have unleashed.” IF. If is a small word, but doing a huge amount of work. The full text of Daniel’s article can be gound here.

What both articles have in common is the belief that there is still something paranormal within this story, even in connection to those circles that have been created by people. Sadly, there is too much supposition to solidify this theory.

I also came across this documentary, which I hadn’t heard of before, but it might just be a recent upload to YouTube of an older documentary. Ah, the 1990s…

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