Having been interested in crop circles for far too long, and with the continued belief by far too many people that ETs make crop circles, I thought I’d enter into the fray.

Also, having seen the unbelievable fawning by too many people over the horrendously biased film ‘What on Earth?’, I thought I’d create a counter-balance to that film.

So, here are my humble opinions on the world of crop circles, and my on-going  journey to create the anti-dote to that god-awful film….

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Which of your crop circle making friends do you think are responsible for the magnificent formation at Hackpen Hill? It’s time for you to give up you shill.

    1. It’s all over the internet, John, do some research…

      While you’re looking, send me the evidence that shows that specific formation was made by aliens/higher power/God etc etc etc

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