Circle Making Myths

To those who believe that people are incapable of making anything other than simple circles, there have grown up a number of myths that are wholly incorrect.

GPS and Night Vision – People who make crop circles do not use any of this equipment. Firstly it is not required. When out in a field at night, it is surprising how quickly your eyes adjust and on average can see around 15-20 metres. You don’t need to see across the entire formation/circle. You only need to be able to see the area you are working on. Couple that with the fact that you will have a detailed plan, night vision is not required. GPS is also pointless. A GPS system will only tell you where you are on the planet. So to use a GPS when making a circle you would need to know exactly all the co-ordinates of every aspect of the crop circle. This means you would have to map it out before hand. All so unnecesary when a surveyors tape, a stomping board, a good plan and sometimes a laser-light will suffice.

It is exceptionally rare for circlemakers to get caught or interrupted. It has happened a few times, but contrast that with the numbers of circles that get created and the odds of getting caughts are extremely small. Circle makers will scout out before hand their target field and  it is done very late at night. Just think about this, the infamous East Field which hosts many of the most famous crop circles, is the most watched field probably in the world and yet under the noses of skywatchers and researchers, formations appear with no-one getting caught. This has happened in many fields which were supposedly being watched.


11 thoughts on “Circle Making Myths

  1. Your commentaries on this subject are spot-on. As the publisher of three Colin Andrews crop circle books, GOVERNMENT CIRCLES (2009), THE ASSESSMENT (2011), and THE ANDREWS CATALOG (2011), I have reviewed in detail Colin’s archives and his historical research methods. Colin’s conclusion so far is that there is indeed an unknown factor in this phenomenon, but it is not necessarily whether or not humans make them. It is why? Why do teams of humans in more than 50 countries over the past decades spend their time and resources doing it? Colin points out that over 200 circles and formations occurred before the 1980s, and in countries far removed from the UK. The original research team (Colin, Pat, Rusty, Terence, and others) all experienced varying levels of “paranormal” experiences in the fields. More than 4000 circles and formations were part of that research. Colin has talked with some of the more prolific circle-makers and they too have experienced the paranormal events. My own conclusion is to think of the Richard Dryfuss character in the movie Close Encounters. He and other contactees are all creating art about the landing place, the mountain. What I think is going on is some extra-human force is directing these human teams of circle makers to craft these messages in the fields. But why? And can we discount all of the physical artifacts of this process? Most of them yes, but there are some which still can not be accounted for. Colin’s website and our books go into detail about these. But certainly not what the BLT team has alleged found. Keep up the thinking, writing, and posting.

  2. I have a lot of time for Colin’s work, and through our private correspondences I have agreed with Colin’s conclusion that there is an extra element involved in this.

  3. Archive House Media has posted on the Crop Circle Connector site extensive excerpts from Colin’s THE ASSESSMENT which goes into detailed the two-year investigation he conducted funded by the late Lawrence Rockefeller. The visually stunning new book and e-book point to the key question of “Why”, why are teams all over the world in 50 countries+ driven to make the crop formations. Here is the link…


  4. How are they so perfect? How is it they only happen at night and no one sees them even when watched? Why don’t the circle guys/gals, show us a plan beforehand, then, at night have it created?

    1. Well, not all of them are perfect, but some of these guys have been ding it for over 20 years, so practice is the key.

      They are done at night because of the legal situation. It is technically criminal damage, so the cover of darkness is required. Although some circles have been observed being created at night. As for the last point, I think it is all part of the game!

  5. What about the nodes? It is apparently – using conventional facilities man never could bend a node, but the stem between nodes only. This is a sign distinguishing man-made from genuine. If a figure is man -made but some external influence occurs, so as some circle makers claim, the figure is not man-made.
    When someone claims, all figures are man-made, or he/she is author of some, this must be somehow specified, everyone could clam he/she is an author. Everyone could claim all figures are man-made, skipping easily the problem with the nodes. Let show this person how he/she will achieve this anomaly.

  6. It is a fair idea (experiments in general), but getting suitable test conditions that everyone (sceptics and believers alike) would agree on is difficult. The effects of phototropism are well documented in regards to the bending of nodes so I fail to see the benefits of re-testing what is a well established scientific fact.

    Irrespective of what people believe as the origin of crop circles, art is art whether it lives in a gallery or not. From my perspective, it’s classic situationalist art. As for deception, who is deceiving who? Most circle makers will make their circle and leave it, from my perspective it’s researchers and believers who overlay the deception and false mysticism on top by making claims they can never quantify.

  7. you know -I saw the strangest image in the clouds right outside my door – knocked me for a six – after that- I don’t know what is and is not possible anymore. Mind bender. So I find it curious that you can be 100% certain that only humans create forms in the landscape – I guess only you and yours would know for sure which are manmade and which are not .. that would a be curious position to be in.. if that was the case. I personally love Shakespeare’s line via Hamlet: “There are more things in Heaven and earth Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy”.

    I dreamed of the big Christchurch Quake on sept 1 2010 – and saw images that were later in the paper. The Quake happened on the sept 4. We never had earthquakes – and here -the city was ripped apart.

    A week later, I dreamed – for some reason unknown to me – of a great flood in a land where the people were neither Hindu nor Arab -but something in between – I saw bodies floating in the water infront of those standing on the sides of a broad river mouth as the waters silently, relentlessly moved inland -thousands of poorly dressed peasants lined the banks standing with water halfway up their calves – I did not understand what I was seeing -then 6 weeks later the news showed a massive flood affected Pakistan and displaced more than million people. (I never had these kind of dreams before -but had started a meditation through the chakras before sleep)

    If I can dream of things that have not happened, and even have nothing whatsoever to do with me, then it becomes less impossible that maybe these circles that on occasion appear to manifest within seconds/minutes/whatever are a genuine phenomenon? In that case why declare that it is impossible? Who has that irrefutable knowledge? Would you stake your life on it? That every circle/formation is manmade? I wonder..

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