I’d been planning to do this for ages. There are so many good crop circle videos out there, that I thought I would collate some of my favourites. I’ll keep updating this on an ad-hoc basis.

Rob Buckle

Rob has done some really good research into the crop circles and has gone to places where most researchers fear to tread. Well worth a look irrespective of your beliefs on crop circles.

Inkpen Hill Crop Circle

A fantastic formation, and an answer to the perpetual request of a crop circle being made by humans. This film shows the construction of the formation via nightvision and sped up to show the construction.

The Cult of Dusty

This never fails to cheer me up. A very humorous look at crop circles. I will warn you, there is a lot of swearing.

Fantastic, but man-made.
Fantastic, but man-made.

When this bad boy showed up, people like Suzanne Taylor were salivating at the prospect of something that could never, ever, ever be made by people. But sadly, it wasn’t to be. It was made as the following video will testify.

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