Crop Circles and the myth of complexity

One of the constant myths within the world of crop circles and one of the myths that fuels the belief that they are made by aliens is the myth of complexity.

‘No human could make something that complex’ has often been the claim directed at many a crop circle. Which is a sad conclusion to come to. Its similar to  going into the Sistine Chapel, pointing at the ceiling and claiming that one man and his team couldn’t do all that. It shows ignorance. It also shows a poor understanding of just what is achievable if someone puts their mind to it.

A few circles have appeared this year to help prove my point. The first is the formation that appeared at Jugglers Lane, nr Yatesbury, Wiltshire.

Man-made formation at Jugglers Lane, nr Yatesbury, WIltshire

Once the initial excitement had died down, it soon emerged that this was a formation created by students of a Maths and Arts education programme called ‘Measuring the Land’. This wonderful formation was created by people who had never made a crop circle before. Let us repeat that phrase so it sinks in fully.  This wonderful formation was created by people who had never made a crop circle before. Look at the pictures below just to see how pristine this formation is. Look how fantastic the lay of the crop is. Look how precise everything is. Yet, this was done by people who had never made a formation before with a little guidance from someone who had. If the fact that it was part of an education programme had not been revealed, people would lay claim it was a ‘genuine’, paranormally based crop circle, when the reality is different.

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As in my previous posting on the issue, it is pure ignorance to suggest that complex formations are not capable by humans. Here is another example of such a complex circle that was the work of humans…

The intricate Cheesefoot Head crop circle

Again, note the complexity, check out the lay of the crop. People.

Check the quality, check the complexity
Cheesefoot Head Crop Circle and festival in background

Tomorrowland is a music festival held in Belgium and they decided to publicise this years event with it’s logo crafted into a wheat field. While this may not be as complex as the others I have mentioned, it still highlights how it is possible to create large, stunning crop circles which look fantastic.

Another stunning piece of art. By people.


3 thoughts on “Crop Circles and the myth of complexity

  1. I agree with your premise, but where is your evidence that the Cheesehead Foot Matrix design was created by humans?

    1. Probably the exact same place where your evidence is of alien involvement in the formation. For years everyone claimed the Antsy formation was too complex to be made by humans, but lo and behold, it was made by humans. On the balance of available evidence, we are looking at human involvement. There is much more evidence of that than any supernatural involvement. But if you do have any evidence, I would love to see it.

    2. On a more serious note, I rang the organisers of the Boomtown Festival, where the formation appeared, and they confirmed it was made to order but would not reveal who had made it due to a non-disclosure agreement. That’s not proof enough for some people, but it satisfied me.

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