Thrive The Movie – Those man-made circles in full…

I decided that I would collate all the evidence of human involvement with the crop circles featured in the movie, Thrive. Here they are in numerical order…

Man-made #1

Ironically, the circle in the background is man made…

As I said previously, the crop circle section on the movie Thrive is a classic case of arm-chair research. I also stated that I knew that the circle shown in the picture above was man-made. How did I know this? Well, here is the story…

At the time (2010) I was living in Wiltshire and a very good friend of mine had built up a friendship with someone who claimed to make crop circles. This person seemed to know all the relevant names in the world of crop circles, seemed to know how to make crop circles and more importantly, seemed to know when they would ‘appear’. Hence, one day my friend received a text message stating that a crop circle had appeared near Stonehenge. We had received a tip-off! We jumped in a car and headed to Stonehenge with haste!

When we arrived, as good as his word, there it was. The evidence of human involvement was very noticeable. The formation was made in oilseed so when flattening the plants many would snap or there would be marks on the stems from ‘stomping boards’. There were plenty of both. That is not to detract from the fantastic piece of art that it was. Oilseed is  difficult to work in due to the thickness of the plant stalks, so creating something this beautiful was indeed an achievement.

So, what is there to validate my story? Well, the person who received the text also wrote later in the year, an article about the truth of crop circles. They discussed how they are man-made, how you can actually make a crop circle, the whole industry behind crop-circles (and there is money to be made), the researchers, in fact it was a snap-shot of crop circledom as a whole from the actual global hub of crop circles. It was published in a magazine with a national readership. It was available on news-stands throughout the country. The reward was high levels of abuse from crop circle fanatics who couldn’t accept there was a version of reality except their own. So, due to the high levels of abuse that person has been effectively silenced on the subject of crop circles.

However, the person who sent that text message just didn’t tell us about their crop circle, they left a trail of evidence to several people. This link will take you to a website which documented how one of the circlemakers involved in the Stonehenge formation of 2010, so beautifully used as a backdrop in Thrive the Movie, informed several people that he had helped make the circle.

Now, of course there will be the usual backlash from the crop circle fanatics, so I have decided as an irregular feature to highlight as many man-made crop circles as possible contained in Thrive and hopefully point in the direction where others can also do the research and find the evidence.


3 thoughts on “Thrive The Movie – Those man-made circles in full…

  1. Dear All,
    Last year I managed to buy a crop circle calendar, which I found fascinating and loved. Has another been published of last year’s circles for 2014 please?
    With many thanks,

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