Nancy Talbott/BLT: The truth keeps on coming out…

As I posted yesterday, Nancy Talbott has been brought to task by Colin Andrews for comments made in a recent interview on Coast To Coast.

In that interview she made many comments which are now, not only coming back to bite her on the ass, but pour yet more doubt about the “science” and claims made by BLT. Why this is still important is that many within the crop circle world still think that BLT’s research has some relevance or credibility. Sadly, many people still believe in everything Nancy says or does, when the reality points to something different. But I digress.

In the interview, Nancy made several claims about the BLT samplers (people who collected the plant samples from the crop circles) which appear to incorrect as one of the Samplers (Shelley Bourne) has now spoken out, which in effect shows Nancy has been telling lies. Again. It seems to be a pattern of behaviour which causes Nancy to lie her way out of any tough questioning, only to be further compromised and embarrassed when the truth emerges.

The full statement from Shelley can be found below

One thought on “Nancy Talbott/BLT: The truth keeps on coming out…

  1. I agree there are many inaccuracies in Nancy’s account if we are to believe Colin and Shelley – and I do.
    Just one small and minor point though – Shelley says they weren’t paid for the work.
    But she does admit they were paid for the postal expenses.
    To be fair, this is what Nancy seems to be saying – agreed getting the niece and nephew bit wrong….and adding ‘stuff’
    She said: “That his niece and nephew had participated in this when they were being paid by me. You know, all their expenses and stuff, to do
    this work for Levengood. ”
    Anyway, I look forward to a full apology from Nancy – when hell freezes over!

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