Crop Circles 2017: What You Might Have Missed #20


UFOs interfering with the running of cars is a often observed phenomena, plus there is a long history of crop circles interfering with peoples cameras or phones, and now this story informs us that the Badbury Rings crop circle made someone’s car break down. At least according to the SomersetLive website.

KGW from Portland believe one of this seasons formations is actually showing us a fidget spinner and to prove their point they’ve clumsily superimposed some fidget spinners over the formation. You can watch that right here.

Crop Circles were the inspiration for Marc Treanor to start creating sand circles in his native Wales, according to the Strait Times.

The formation at Cerne Abbas is of interest to the Dorset Echo who decide to pointlessly fill some space on the internet with some crop circle based churnalism here.


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