Crop Circles 2020: May & June Review

June started to see a little more activity in regards to crop circles as May was a bit of a bust. I think the aliens must have been a little wary of the ongoing pandemic…


The first formation to arrive was a circle that many claimed was a shout-out to the NHS and key workers, who have battled valiantly throughout the Covid19 pandemic. Originally the formation’s location was a mystery to dissuade flocks of people coming to stand and look and potentially share germs. The formation was actually in Somerset (Rocky Hill, nr Kingdon) but it was quickly forgotten once the “Covid 19” formation appeared. This formation, looking slightly bacterial like, was pounced upon in a similar fashion as the fake Covid19/Microsoft formation which had been doing the rounds on social media. The formation wasn’t universally welcomed but I liked the fact that the design wasn’t bound by symmetry or geometry.


As if some pent-up need was released, there was a sudden flurry of formations. Obviously it was required! The first was a yin-yang design at Cley Hill. The yin yang symbol has routinely appeared in crop circles over the years, but it’s placement in a simple circle really set it off.


The following day a part-flower/part dartboard formation appeared at Sixpenny Hadley which maybe hinted of more complex formations appearing this year.



However, nothing is ever that straight forward in the world of crop circles, as a formation appeared at Dilton Marsh which reflected back to the late 1990s style of designs featuring interconnected circles. Simple, but effective.


Barbury Castle is worth a visit purely for the views it affords, but especially when it hosts crop circles. The mandala like formation appeared featuring a sun-like centre which prompted many to think the crop circle was pointing towards some solar extreme event. I think we’ll just deal with one global crisis at a time, thank you.


A formation at Hunt’s Down, nr Wilton continued to in the vein of unusual design elements by including a Templar-style cross. The formation included a quartet of circles and a further larger circle radiating outward. Portents of doom from the skies? Certainly if the articles on Crop Circle Connector were to be believed.


The formation that soon appeared at Ackling Dyke certainly was a spiky affair, so much so that it was soon vandalised and was the source of much online accusations as a result. Circle watchers claimed it was another in a line of sun-related circles that had appeared this year.


A formation appeared at the wonderfully named Berwick Bassett Clump, which had a flavour of the yin yang about it with a curious flowing element travelling around the circle.


In the mid-1990s, I remember there being a regular occurrence of crop circles in Yorkshire. Maybe that trend has re-ignited after this formation was discovered near Pontefract.


Then came my personal favourite in June, a flower/sun/mandala motif at Smeathe’s Plantation, Ogbourne St. George.


The month finished with the impressive formation near Cheesefoot Head.


There have been interesting articles moving around the internet, too. These couple from The Croppie chart the link between crop circles and UFO’s



Patty Greer has pointed out that some of her crop circle movies are now free to watch online.

This piece of field art was spotted by Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance and rounds off our review. I am sure the fun and games will continue into July.

air ambulance

Lots more images over at the Crop Circle Connector or at Temporary Temples.

All images copyrighted by their originators.



3 thoughts on “Crop Circles 2020: May & June Review

  1. My family and me had a personal visit from the crop circle makers a couple of years ago in our back garden. They bought with them three military helicopters that surrounded our house for 45 minutes while the most amazing display of higher intelligences took place before our eyes. Freaked the kids out a bit but I’ve since explained that it is of the most positive intention.
    Anyway don’t know if that little tit bit interests anyone out there but if it does feel free to ask. Peace, Love, Unity X

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