Crop Circle Challenge 2014

A circle, yesterday.
A circle, yesterday.

It had to happen. Eventually. Not content with the last few “challenges” being a complete and utter waste of everyone’s time and cluttering up the collective consciousness, another Crop Circle Challenge has been thrown down and directed very specifically at Andrew Pyrka.

For the unaware, Andrew Pyrka runs the Crop Circle Wisdom website and the Report a Crop Circle Formation (RACCF) Facebook page. Last year, Pyrka got into a very public spat with Charles Mallett of the Silent Storage Container Circle Cafe Tourist Trap Trinket Outlet, with Pyrka claiming that Mallett was trying to blackmail him into handing over control of the RACCF Facebook page. It got nasty, it got very personal, then everyone calmed the f*ck down. Pyrka has had many run-ins with Mallet, Steve Alexander, in fact most crop circle researchers/promoters etc.

So, the background to this challenge is thus: In Holland, another crop circle appeared, this time in maize. Apparently, I am led to believe by those in the know, not a particularly nice crop to make circles in. But I digress. Now, as is the fashion of the times, the crop circles in Holland are small, fairly unremarkable, but certain researchers are pushing this Dutch scene as I predicted they would last year. Now, the aforementioned circle showed no damage on the stems of the plant. A fact I will have to take with a pinch of salt as I have seen scant photographic evidence of this fact. Then apparently, after three days, all the plants were now in a standing position. How messianic! They are risen!

So whilst Nancy Talbott et al all got their collective panties in a bunch at such wonderous events, Andrew Pyrka claimed that this was nothing more than a hoax and natural processes were responsible for the plants returning to their upright position. I imagine this may have put a few noses out of joint. How dare he. How dare he claim something different! Because if Nancy says so… yeah, we’ve been down this road with Nancy and her crew before.

So the challenge is that the Silent Circle crew have secured some maize crop, have invited Mr. Pyrka to put it all to the test, and if he replicates the effect, the Silent Circle will donate £250 to a charity of Pyrka’s choice.

We are back to the beginning again with all these challenges. If Andrew replicates the effect does that prove anything? Not really. If he fails to replicate it, will it prove the paranormal nature of the Dutch circle? Not really. We will probably have a few weeks of “does the £250 really exist?” conversations as we did with the other Crop Circle Challenges. We will have weeks of going back and forth picking at the details of this latest and pointless challenge. Of course, the Silent Circle will laugh and point if Pyrka doesn’t take the challenge and the Silent Circle will cry foul in some way if Pyrka took the challenge and replicated the result. Honestly, I think all these disagreements should be settled by “handbags at dawn” on top of Silbury Hill, because these current challenges are just a waste of time…

However, we will be drawing our attentions to the Dutch scene very, very soon.

Full details of the circle can be found here

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