Robbert van den Broeke: Busted! (Again)

Regular readers of this blog will know the issues myself, and many others, have had with Robbert van den Broeke. But it seems that Robbert has been caught out (again) and there is video to prove it. All the video footage and background story is over at the blog that has been relentless in pursuing the fraudulent behaviour of Robbert van den Broeke.

There are some apologists who are saying that whilst the evidence is damning that they  believe Robbert has some psychic abilities and that he isn’t the first psychic/medium to forge evidence. This for me misses the point. There has been a relentless campaign to abuse those who have tried to point out the lies and abusive behaviour of Robbert van den Broeke. From now on, how can anyone believe a word or any evidence that Robbert puts forth now?

Anyway, watch the footage and help yourself to a large plate of calamari in honour of the tentacled aliens that never were…


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